About us

We are a leadership and applied neuroscience consultancy that develops executives to excel in today's volatile market conditions.  We operate at the nexus of neuroscience, leadership and strategy and our clients tell us we do two things really well. We help:

  • Develop leaders, teams and culture
  • Accelerate strategy execution

Headquartered in London, but with team members around the world, we design customised, experiential talent development programs that stretch and engage executives and result in meaningful behavioural and mindset shift . We are experts in our field as well as integrators: obsessed with bringing together the best ideas, people, technologies and approaches to create executive development experiences that drive results. In doing so we draw widely from neuroscience, psychology, leadership research, performing arts and business thinkers.

Why not come along to one of our signature 'Feed Your Mind3' lunch programs in London to meet us in person and get a feel for our energy and approach. We'll share some insights from neuroscience that are radically changing the narrative about what makes for effective leadership at an organisational and personal level and help you apply these to your organisation. You'll also have an opportunity to network with like minded peers from a board spectrum of industries and have a lot of fun in the learning process.

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