Our clients' world is changing ... and they are adapting ...

Our clients are undergoing transformation where people will be the key enabler of their success.  Over 20 years we have learned that the most meaningful behaviour change occurs when development is a blend of highly tailored immersive experiences out in the real world combined with high impact, residential programs and 1:1 coaching. We believe that development conversations are best focused on real business conditions and should involve your stakeholders in the room - whether that’s clients, front line populations, partners in your eco-system or even disruptors.  And we know that development designs that drive results enables these conditions and blend the best ideas/people/approaches with the optimal pacing of the experiences.

Here are just a few of our clients. (Hover mouse to pause slides):

SAP are transforming the way industries operate, whether it’s how banks lend, hospitals treat patients, retailers engage customers, commodities come out of the ground, governments defend their borders. And it takes a particular leadership mindset to diagnose and translate enterprise needs into innovative solutions. Mind3 worked with SAP to build just this mindset - leading the way in commercially viable, design thinking.
"Executive development at its very best: commercial, real life, challenging, fun ..." Pharma Executive.
Cisco are leading the way in the most disruptive market there is, with network infrastructure driving the amazing opportunities and challenges presented by the Internet of Things. Mind3 are working with Cisco to accelerate high potential talent become stronger thinking partners to meet the disrupting needs of their customer base. Signs are positive that Cisco are leading the way. Margin is up 3 fold, and sales by a quarter.
"They left us no space to hide from personal accountability to drive results and author our own development. I will be a very different leader coming out of this experience than going in.”
Chemicals Business Leader


Big and red, and leading the way in innovative consulting with upstream operators from exploring new frontiers or optimising production with existing, unconventional or mature assets. Mind3 are working closely with these strong technical leaders to drive up the nature of these client conversations and the team work that allows them this partnership.
"Business and mindset transformation not training." Managing Director, Technology Business.