Feed Your Mind - The Neuroscience of Leadership

Mind3 extend an invitation to in-house Learning and Development executives to come experience a program for yourself and see the potential neuroscience would have in transforming your business and supporting continuous leadership development.

It’s a great opportunity to meet industry peers, develop your leadership perspective, be stretched,  have fun, debate with a neuroscientist and enjoy our signature Dopamine lunch.

Upcoming Workshops: Neuroscience of Leadership

  • Strategy Execution: The science of collaboration, cooperation and commitment
  • PotentialX: The science of realising your full potential
  • Decision Architect: Brain science of great decision making
  • EurekaX: The neuroscience of creativity and insight
  • Performance3: Brain science transforming performance management
  • The Change Architect: The neuroscience of effective business transformation
  • Brilliant Resilience: The science of peak performance under duress
  • InclusiveX: The neuroscience of gender balance

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