Our DNA Is Learning

We are integrators bringing together the best ideas, science, experiences, people, technology, research and innovations into custom designed, leadership development programs. We are global in our reach, and have helped organizations, from market leaders to start-ups in every business sector, to unlock their potential

“Agility: it rhymes with stability.”

(McKinsey & Company)

We aim to get organizations and people back in sync. We are all about unlocking potential to create business advantage.

There’s no such thing as talent and no known scientific cap to potential. Development is a question of understanding what to focus on, unleashing the right motivation and stimulation and then practice to the point of habit. Our name ’Mind3’, pronounced Mind Cubed, represents this expansion of what’s possible if we evolve our mindset.

What’s neuroscience got to do with business? A lot it turns out.

By translating and applying the research of the true drivers of human behavior, motivation, decision making and engagement we can blow up outmoded ideas that pervade organizational life about leadership. The science offers leaders the tools to truly build work cultures that drive results and engage their teams.

Where we Work

Headquartered in London, but with an eco-system of global associates, we have delivered coaching and leadership programs in over 60 countries across 6 continents, illustrated by the map below.

Within our affiliate network we have faculty on the ground in all continents, supported by world class project management who make working with us as effortless as possible. We aim to bring the high touch of a leadership development boutique, while understanding the importance of international scale.

Our Tribe

We’ve always done things a bit differently.

We are a community of independent, like-minded experts. We share a common passion for learning, neuroscience, strategy and a desire to change the trajectory of people’s potential. Our team are experts in their field as well as integrators: obsessed with bringing together the best ideas, people, technologies and approaches to create executive development experiences that drive results.

Our tribe is expanding as an eco-system. We love the innovations in the development field and draw widely from neuroscience, psychology, leadership research, performing arts and business thinkers.

Meet our team of Associates here.

Our partners include:
ACT, Advanced People Strategies, Antoons, Atiitya Training & HR Consultants, Consulting Skill, Design Syndicate, Evolve Assess, Fraser & The Alibis, Connected Potential, Light Mind, Live Case, Marie Zaiti Coaching & Consulting, Neuroscience for Business, Ososim, Parsons Talent Consulting, Persona Partnership, The Immersion Lab, The Pitch Doctor, Wild Fitness

Our DNA code:

Values matter a lot around here.  We are a virtual eco-system of independent practitioners, and yet we all subscribe to an ethos of:

Science is cool: It isn’t a good idea just because it feels right. Evidence based, peer reviewed science applied in a fun, artistic and stretching way. No junk science.

Disagree well: We invite stress testing of ideas because we know we all have blind spots. Speak your truth.

Curiosity matters: Let go of being right in favour of being curious. Life long learners more than subject matter experts. No-one can know it all.

Energize: Positivity is contagious. Energize everyone you meet.

Potential is unlimited: Reject limiting thinking and behavior. Live by the truth that no limit to human potential has yet been discovered.

No jerks: Seriously, life is short. Don’t take yourself too seriously and be ruthlessly kind.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget
what you did, but people will never forget how you
made them feel.”

(Maya Angelou)

Our Ideas

We love to debate the topics that matter and are frequent speakers and published authors on leadership related subjects.

We invite you to browse our articles and videos, which are shared at no cost, but use is restricted for personal development purposes only. Any reference in articles, programs or professional use is only permitted with prior Mind3 written authorisation.

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Our Clients

Our clients range from global market leaders to small disruptive start-ups.

All are undergoing transformation where people are the key enabler of their success. We are proud to have advised some of the world’s leading brands including Fortune, DAX and FTSE 10, 50 and 500 market leaders.