Understanding personal drivers and behavioral preferences
for personal development and to enhance team behavior

As we get more senior, the candor, amount and quality of feedback we receive is filtered through the lens of hierarchy and social consequence. Assessments can be a helpful and impartial source of feedback and insight into leadership strengths and blind spots, helping individuals to focus on those behaviors that will most impede or accelerate their leadership impact. At senior level, assessment often forms a key element of a personal coaching journey.

We are advocates for building psychometric testing into development programs to unlock these conversations and are qualified in teamup, Hogan, NEO, DISC, StrengthsFinder, MBTI, Firo-B and others. Mind3 also offer proprietary neuroscience-based assessments.

“Without data, you’re just another
person with an opinion.”

(W. Edwards Deming)


teamup™ is a proprietary neuroscience-based diagnostic assessment suite.

To learn more about the science behind teamup∞™, you may wish to deep dive into our teamup∞™ report:

The teamup model for high performing teams is based exclusively on application of the latest published neuroscience towards collaboration and collective intelligence.  The teamup diagnostic assessment suite offers comprehensive, evidence-based feedback for where your greatest strengths/development areas are for driving high performance with your team.  It gathers self, team, peer, stakeholder and line manager feedback and offers developmental advice in each dimension.

You can find out more about the ‘neuro-selfie™‘ tool here:

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To learn more about the science behind teamup, you may wish to deep dive into our teamup report:

teamup∞™ neuro-selfie

The neuro-selfie™ is a one page snapshot based on the latest neuroscience, for where your strengths and weaknesses lie in leading a team to high performance.

Click here to find out more about the neuro-selfie.

To understand the full implications of your results you may wish to deep dive into our report teamup∞™.


A powerful and simple audit of how you are perceived by others at your best and worst.

brand-you™ offers you a simple two page report that creates a visual pictogram of your leadership reputation and brand.

By asking your stakeholders (boss, clients, peers, friends, direct reports) for your three greatest strengths and blind spots as a leader, you receive a powerful picture of how you are perceived and your professional reputation.

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