Virtual Development

We offer a virtual development series on a wide range of critical leadership competencies

“It is not the strongest of the species that
survives but the most adaptable.”

(Charles Darwin)

These virtual learning programs are bite-sized and supercharge talents’ skills in short injections of key topics. Even better:

For every module, the talent receives a link to a pre-recorded research briefing aggregating the latest ideas and thinking, before we come together in a live digital environment to apply, practice and reflect on their application.

These modules can be run with teams from 10-100 in person or virtually around the world. These can be branded to your business and curated into a learning series that supports your development priorities.

The benefits of virtual development:

  • Creates ongoing and engaging learning opportunities and connection points for your talents with minimal time investment.
  • Self-service and self-paced. Digital content can be accessed in a time and space that works for the learner.
  • Break out rooms, polling, interactive live chat, multi-media environment makes virtual learning a high quality, interactive and engaging experience.

Learn more about some of the most popular virtual leadership topics including our Neuroscience for Business curriculum that we are building: